Yes, You Do Have a Choice (Kann for Council 2013 Flyer No. 4)

It’s YOUR neighborhood.  And you have a CHOICE.

Democracy is in trouble in New York City today. As Ralph Nader explained (regarding the USA) in three campaigns for President, there is too much money  and too much power  in too few hands. The super-rich in New York, and the big banks and corporations that support them, make far too many of the important decisions in this city, and shut out the vast majority of New Yorkers. That’s wrong, and we have to bring it to rights.

Today the Real Estate Board of New York (REBNY) is getting between the residents of Astoria, Queens (City Council District 22) and at least one of the district’s candidates for City Council. Costa Constantinides is named on the website of “Jobs for New York,” a political action committee of REBNY, a big real estate trade association. (See Constantinides is listed there as one of “Our Candidates.”

The PAC pledged $10 million  to Constantinides and other City Council candidates—not necessarily in the form of direct contributions, but rather (according to The Real Deal ; see to support “district-by-district polling, phone banks, direct mail, and television and radio advertisements” for their  pro-development candidates.

What’s wrong with that? some people might ask. Plenty.

The City Council member from Astoria is supposed to represent the people who live in Astoria—not a group of super-rich real estate developers. Nobody in Astoria is naïve enough to think that REBNY and their committee gave Constantinides support just out of charity. They’re expecting results.

I am not running for City Council in District 22 just to voice an opinion about this issue. I am running in order to offer the voters a choice. You can vote for someone who is already in debt to big real estate developers from Manhattan. Or you can vote for a candidate who wants you, the residents of Astoria, to decide questions of real estate development in the neighborhood. That is, you can vote for me—Jerry Kann, Populist Party candidate for City Council in District 22.

Go to for more information, and write to  to get in touch.

                                                                                                                                     Paid for by Kann for Council 2013.


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