“Our” LIC?

“LIC,” for those of you who are new to Queens geography, stands for “Long Island City.” Depending on who you’re talking to, that can mean just the neighborhood around Queensboro Plaza–from, say, 36th Ave. over to 49th or 50th Ave.–or it can mean a bigger piece of turf that includes Astoria and the 22nd City Council district. Even though I’m running for Council in District 22, and even though I was at a candidates forum on August 27th (hosted by a non-profit organization called Zone 126, which focuses on education in the area), I was *not* invited to another candidates event earlier this week. It was a debate held at Bohemian Hall, and I only found out about it the night of the event and only managed to get there just as it was breaking up. The man who put it together, from a trade organization called “OurLIC.com,” told me he simply had not learned about my campaign until that afternoon. He must not have been looking very hard.

Anyway, I thought it might be informative to post my letter to him here on the blog. See the text of the letter, below.



KANN FOR COUNCIL 2013  c/o Jerry Kann  25-60 42nd St., Apt. 1F Astoria, NY 11103

kannorcouncil2013@gmail.com□(646) 724-9983□KannForCouncil2013.Wordpress.com


Arthur Rosenfield OurLIC.com c/o Rainbow Pages, Inc. P.O. Box 307 NewYork,NY10021

September 5, 2013

Dear Mr. Rosenfield:

The following is an open letter.  I will post it to my blog, KannForCouncil2013.Wordpress.com, as well as send it to you via regular mail. Since your billing of the September 3rd debate at Bohemian Hall said it featured “all” the candidates for City Council in District 22—and that was obviously wrong—then I figured I should set the record straight, and do it as openly and publicly as possible.

Your organization should have made a better effort to find out about the candidates vying for the City Council spot from Astoria, and hence I should have been invited along with the others. Zone 126, a Long Island City–based organization of the Elmezzi Foundation, didn’t have any trouble learning about my candidacy and inviting me to the forum they held on August 27th at Variety Boys & Girls Club. That event was prominently featured on the front page of the Chronicle  last week, complete with photos of all the candidates, including Yours Truly.

If that wasn’t enough to put you in the know, then you could have made a brief phone call to the city Board of Elections as early as August 26th to find out which candidates had qualified for the ballot in District 22. In short, if you didn’t know that I was a candidate, you should have.

Even though I arrived at the event as soon as I could after finding out about it, unfortunately by then the debate was over. I informally challenged Gus, John, Lynne, and Daniel to another debate later this campaign season—a make-up game, you might call it, for this one that I should have played in. I didn’t get a chance to talk to Costa or Danielle, but the others seemed to be OK with the idea.

I urge your organization to sponsor another debate among the candidates in District 22, after the results of the primary have been verified and before the Queens weekly papers reach their deadlines for their last issues prior to Election Day in November.

I look forward to your response, and I urge you to make it as public as you like.

Sincerely yours,

Jerry Kann



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